Akane Haruno
Akane Haruno
Akane Haruno
Vital statistics
Position High School Student
Age Sixteen
Status Witch
Physical attributes
Height 5'6
Weight 109lbs
File:Akane Haruno1.png
Akane Haruno is the younger sister of Sakura Haruno. She, as well as Kaname, Hanabi and Harumi, are suppose to be in Witch Training still but once she overhead Harumi and Hanabi asking the elders to send them to the human world alongside Tenten and the others, she immediately wanted to go.


  • Akane Harune


  • Foot-Face


  • Riding A Unicycle

Special Skill:

  • Riding A Unicycle
  • Rapping
  • Passing as a boy

Strong Point:

  • Bright
  • Laughs Easily
  • Makes everyone laugh

Weak Point:

  • Loves Pranks

Favorite Color:

  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • Orange
  • Green

Favorite Flower:

  • Lavender


  • Studying
  • Cleaning Up

Scared of:

  • Cats

Favorite Movie:

  • "Harry Potter,"
  • "Jurassic Park"

Favorite Book:

  • "Nezumi-kun no Chokki"

Favorite Phrase:

  • I love you

Favorite Season:

  • Summer

Favorite Food:

  • Strawberries
  • Curry Rice

Least Favorite Food:

  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Green Bell Peppers

Charm Point:

  • Dimples
  • Cool-look